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Put into simple words, Hello Kochi is a WhatsApp radio, first and the best of its kind. With a contact list which is vast expending with each and every moment, Hello Kochi is stamping its authority as a leading WhatsApp radio channel. If the huge response from the trail run of Hello Kochi is anything to go by, Hello Kochi is the next Big Thing in town. Don’t have access to TV, Internet or any kind of source for any updates??? The time for worry is over, Hello Kochi is here. Anything and everything you need is here. Hello Kochi doesn’t limit itself to any area. Spinning its web around all fields, Hello Kochi

provides updates for “News”, latest “Music”, “Movies” and its reviews, “Fashion” bytes with celebrities, “Events” , mouth-watering “Food Corner”, “Places to visit”. All in all, if you are looking for something, we have it. Hello Kochi is your pit stop for fun and facts. Let it be news, views or reviews, there will be no abuse. Completely filled with interactive sessions, Hello Kochi is going to be addictive. In fact Hello Kochi takes crowd interaction to a whole new level. Any user can interact with Hello Kochi 24*7. Trust us when we say that we will be online for you day in day out. We are going to be your eyes. Nothing’s going to escape from our eyes. What we see, you see too. Unlike other channels, what we provide is full length videos, not glorified promos. What’s more!!!! Users have the chance to telecast their videos. Yes, you heard it right!!!! Anyone can telecast their videos, if the Hello Kochi think tank deems it worthy of viewing. Bored out of your skins watching discussions on current issues on TV? Want to tell the world what you think?? Strap your boots guys, because that’s exactly what we provide you because your words our Gospel. When we have a viewer spending his valuable time on Hello Kochi, we have to make sure they get their time worth. We make sure of it by having different concept based programs to suit the tastes of each and every single person of this city. Rest assured that anything you are going to see is going to be fresh out of the box themes. We don’t want to be money spinners. We want to be socially responsible. We have a commitment towards the society we live in. Hello Kochi is going to be a socially committed WhatsApp radio. Regular social campaigns and charity are our prime priority. What puts us ahead of our predecessors and competitors is the fact that we have an awe inspiring team. Unique, fresh and lively……they bring the best out of everything. With fresh concepts and ideas flying around the Hello Kochi workstation, everyone can expect constant upgrades and updates on Hello Kochi. Hello Kochi has successfully completed 7 weeks of its beta base. The initial trail run has been a huge success with fast flowing request to join the Hello Kochi WhatsApp radio. Every subscriber of Hello Kochi wakes up each day with the hottest news, traffic updates, job opportunities, new movie releases and their reviews and much more exciting stuff. There has been huge positive response from all sides. Let it be commoners or celebrities, they all have unanimously accepted Hello Kochi as their primary news source. A list that started with a mere 3000 has climbed the ladder and has reached 6 digit figures(1,00,000+). As Hello Kochi team, we can promise you that it’s just a start, start to what is to become a revolution.


Access wifi in an all new social way.

We offer free wifi to your customers, improve customer loyalty and engage them through your Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account. Just plug in SOCIAL wifi router, set up your social media pages and offer free wifi with social login to your customers instantly!

Your customers check in on your Facebook page , follow your twitter or instagram account to gain access along with the mandatory SMS verification. Track analytics of the customers accessing free wifi with insights into the details to the extent shared by them including name, age, gender, email id and phone number. You can send targeted offers to the customers who visit your venue often and access free wifi.


» Purchase a preconfigured social wifi router and install it at your venue instantly
» Your customers access the free wifi with their Facebook account, Twitter or instagram account
» Your customers can optionally like your Facebook page
» Customers authenticate their mobile number with an instant SMS confirmation
» They get instant access to free wifi for the duration, speed and data limit set by you.



Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents information, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime. » Track students particulars
» Student Photo
» Parent contact details


Track your teacher’s particulars, residential addresses, schedule and other important data easy school.com is always online so your teachers can access their schedule anytime.
» View teachers weekly teaching schedule
» Assign lessons to a teacher
» View teachers contact


Parents can log in and check if their children attended school that day, how they are doing in their classes and whether their wards have homework or assignments too.
» View their children weekly class schedule
» Track their children progress
» Parents can file online leave application or complaint


Web designing academy is the solution for the long list of vacancy available for the post of social media managers and other digital jobs in various industries. A project developed keeping in mind the need of interns For You and the abundant opportunities it can provide for the students. The course includes detailed study of SMM SEO and other digital fields.


Digital CID is basically an online blog to create awareness of all the development in the field of technology. All the tricks and tips from the tech world will be easily accessible to everyone. It will be marketed through social media.