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The time for conventional marketing techniques and tools are long gone. In fact the new trend of Facebook marketing itself has hit dry holes. The current crowd needs fast, dynamic and easier way to get what they need. They found that in WhatsApp. Why is WhatsApp such a success??
• Easy and simple to use
• Replaces missed phone call
• Replaces SMS
• Soon will replace phone calls
• Works with all mobile platforms
• Speed
• Opening ratio
• Frequency of use
• Quality of communication
• Preferred channel by consumers
• Allows you to send image, voice and video messages

India is one of the fastest-growing markets for instant messaging applications. Out of every 10 WhatsApp users in the world 1 is an Indian. That is how it has captivated the mind of the Indians. The service helps connect better with the clients in the metro cities and across India. “Cash-rich-time-poor” customers find it convenient to go through the latest stock and also block/book the items to be home-delivered. High Conversion rate, in case of customers using WhatsApp the conversion is as high as 80%.

Nearly seven out of 10 enquiries that come to them on WhatsApp convert into business. That’s where we come in. The vast opportunities in this field, in marketing sense, have been underutilized. We developed a concept where we create WhatsApp channels with news updates from every field to draw in the interest of every single person and just like any media, throw in an advertisement in the middle. The process is simple broadcasting messages but since WhatsApp broadcast list allows only 256 contacts, we have to improvise. And therein lays our success.

We can create customised channel for marketing or customer support for any client using this method. This ensures 100% inbox delivery for every customer. This creates a whole new level of customer service level which can take any business to great heights.